Parenting Hacks: 15+ Innovative & Practical Hacks Every Parent Needs to Know

Parenting is as hard as any job out there. Even more so. And nobody can get through this journey without some parents hacks and tips.

I remember how crucial such parenting hacks were for me. They helped through some tough times. And I wanted to share some of the most innovative & practical parenting hacks I have come across or stumbled upon during my journey of mommying baby Y with you guys.

But before we get on the list, here’s best hack for parenting:

Believe that we moms/dads are the best for our kids and we are doing the best ever job. Click To Tweet

So, be proud of being a parent even if you make a mistake because parenting is the messiest yet coolest job ever.

Let’s start with the list of parenting hacks before I blabber too much and hope that they prove to be helpful for moms there too.

  • Safety Measure: Rubber Bands: Have you guys ever thought that rubber bands can be used to keep your kids safe from locking themselves? Yes, you heard it right.  A rubber band twisted on both the knobs of the door helps us by keeping the door unlocked.

  • Home Remedies Before Medicine: I may sound a bit old school here. But I Any-day prefer home remedies over medicines.  Any-day herbs are better than chemicals. Isn’t it? (Do let me know if you want me to store a detailed blog on home remedies)

  • A spray bottle with water. Yes, this can be your saviour anytime and every time. I always prefer keeping it handy as I can use it in multiple ways (cleaning hands,  legs, mouth, stains, car seat, poop etc) and any-day water is better than chemical infused wipes.

  • Babywearing can be so relaxing some times as you can have the baby climbed to you but at the same time both your hands are free to do chores or shop or anything you wish to do.  Now doesn’t this sound amazing already?

  • DIY activities are fun. I get to relive my childhood because of this. I prefer to keep baby Y away from screen, best alternative to it is DIY activities and different art activities.

  • Running short on time and the baby’s clothes are not up to the mark. Don’t worry,  I have a solution for you. Hair straightener can be at your rescue here. Iron those tiny tinnie clothes with the hair straightener and here…  you are ready to go.

  • Reading to the kiddos is like brain food.  They find it comforting when you read to them.  It helps the kid to grow mentally, emotionally and physically too.

  • Make bath time cleaning time too.  Put all the toys u wish along with them in the bathtub and make them learn to clean them too.  (Of Course after rinsing them once). Helps kid learn their responsibility.
  • Ever thought how can you intelligently use dishwasher?  Let me tell you. Wash all the shoes and toys of your LO in the dishwasher.
  • Dining out with kiddo can go too messy at times. Make sure to carry a few books and your baby’s favourite toy along to keep the baby engaged so that you can have your meal at ease.
  • Kids love replication and feel content if they help you.  Let them be your helper by giving them a damp cotton cloth and a duster, let them dust and clean and help u also let them feel super responsible and happy!


  • Is your kid fond of ice cream fan?  Here’s a solution for you. Popsicles for kids instead of candies and ice-creams. Make the healthiest possible smoothie/fruit pulp/yogurts and mould them n freeze(detailed recipes on the go) . Best substitute to ice creams.

  • Teething days can be frustrating and to keep our kiddos calm is the task. This hack was the only rescue.. Pumped Breast milk can be put in the ice tray and Freeze and can be given in nibbler or a clean cotton cloth.  This would soothe their gums and would help them relieve from teething issues. (can be given to Exclusive breast feeding kids and older ones both)

  • Slippery floors?  You can now randomly scritch scratch at the base of your baby’s socks and shoes  with a hot glue gun and Tada! baby is saved from slipping now.

  • Love the ball pits in play areas?  Make one for them at low cost. Fill up the room inflatable pool with all colourful balls and let your kids be busy for hours having fun.  (P. S. I am not responsible for the cleaning part that comes to you after they are done. Coz there would be balls all around your home)

  • Folding these and keeping these tiny clothes can get fuzzy at times.  Best it to roll their clothes instead of folding. Saves space and time and effort.

  • Any skin irritation that baby is facing this summer can be solved with aloe Vera ice.  Freeze aloe Vera juice in ice tray and use this bar to soothe your baby’s skin on summers.

  • Broke a glass or plate?  No worries take a bread slice and clean the floor with that.  It will not leave even the minutest part of glass on floor.

Wrap Up:

Try these parenting hacks and it will save you time, energy, money and especially will keep your baby away from harm’s way.

Let me know your experience with any of these parenting tips & hacks in the comments section.

Would also love to know more parenting hacks if you guys have any.

Comment your most handy parenting hack & if we get 10+ such comments, we will turn into an audience generated blog!

Hack away!

Piyu Ailani
Hi, I am Piyu Ailani. A SAHM from Ahmedabad, India. Married since 4 years. Mommy to the bundle of naughty acts, whom we proudly named Yuvaan! Just a small way to connect with all the new moms like me.


  1. Avatar
    Anjali Chanchlani
    May 28, 2018

    1. Gently stroke baby’s face with a tissue to get them sleep in less than 40 seconds.
    2.The best time to cut baby’s nails is 20minutes after they’ve fallen asleep.

  2. Avatar
    Puja Parakh
    May 29, 2018

    Amazing… actually super amazingly useful hacks as it sounds to me.
    Gonna try em’
    Wat diy hack can b used fo 2 yr old to keep away from screens??

    1. Avatar
      June 30, 2018

      Thanks dear, You can try different things like finger painting, sticking, reading to them etc. Shall soon be coming up with a detailed blog on this.

  3. Avatar
    May 29, 2018

    Great Article, Keep Sharing!

    1. Avatar
      June 30, 2018

      Thanks dear 😊


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