Top 10+ Precautions & Ways to Protect Your Kid this Monsoon


When the baby sniffs, that first coughing, that first sneeze of monsoon… Does that make your heart skip a beat? Are you one of those moms who fire their google up and start searching for precautions and ways to protect the kids in the monsoon season?

Don’t worry because you are not the only one! I was one of them too, and I am sure many more moms are similar too.

So for all the moms who feel the same way, here I am presenting a few precautionary measures that you can take and let your child experience and enjoy the season without catching a cold or a cough.

Why stop the kids to get drenched in the rains when we can’t stop ourselves (at least I can’t).

Having a hot cup of tea or coffee with different monsoon delicacies in the balcony with water pouring from above as my view is what my weakness is.

And I guess many of us have the same weakness!

That smell of the first rain, those moving clouds, that rare view of a rainbow, that greenery all around these are the certain things that only monsoon can offer us.

When we get to enjoy so many things, it’s sure not fair to keep our kids locked up in the room. They should enjoy it more than us.

I would want him to get drenched along with me, run in the garden area while it’s raining, sail paper boats in the rainwater and whatnot.

But allowing kids to do all this is equally harmful to their health as monsoon brings many infections and mosquitoes along with it.

So I would opt to take precautions for mosquitoes and infections and let baby Y enjoy this monsoon as much as possible.

I get to relive my childhood with baby Y this time and enjoy everything along with him right from dancing in the rain to sailing paper boats and jumping in the rainwater.

So, without further ado, here are some of the precautions and ways you can protect your kid in Monsoon and letting them enjoy the season at the same time.

  • We can’t stop bacteria or mosquitoes to harm us, but we can set barriers around us so they can’t harm us.  When inside the house, we can keep all the possible doors and windows closed with mosquito repellents to keep them away.
  • Keeping home extra clean during monsoon. As it’s going to be too humid all around,  that makes bacteria more active so keeping your home as clean as much possible is the only way. Mopping with phenyl 2-3 times a day can do the trick.
  • Don’t let water clog anywhere. Even the water containers should be cleaned twice a day and should be covered properly.
  • In monsoon try giving only boiled water to kiddos, this can be very reassuring that there are no bacteria in the water that they are consuming.
  • It’s always more breezy and cold weather when it’s rainy, you can have a set temperature to keep the baby in the cozy and good atmosphere.
  • We all say that moms are the best cook, the monsoon is the time to live by that. You can’t be sure of outside food.  So make sure to give only homemade food to your kid. Try not to give salads or uncooked vegetables to kids during monsoons. And even if you are planning to make sure you boil them first.
  • Even if it’s a minor sneeze or a cough, contact your pediatrician. As monsoon is the time you can’t take risk of the infection to grow.
  • You can also have a “Monsoon aid kit” handy with your pediatrician’s approval.
  • Always keep the nails trimmed and short. As the longer nails can attract germs and bacteria causing infections.
  • Let your kids have all the fun in rainwater and let them have all the jumping japang,  chap chap and all possible things they want to do in water, just make sure they are not barefoot and are wearing boots that time.
  • During monsoon always have rain gears along, whenever stepping out, even if it’s sunny.
  • Make sure to carry a couple of extra clothes along.
  • Always let your baby step out of home after applying a good layer of mosquito repellent cream/spray.
  • Even if you feel that the clothes are slightly damp, change the clothes immediately.
  • Make sure all your kids shoes/slippers are non-slippery. (Don’t know how to make them non-slippery? Read our Parenting Hacks: 15+ Innovative & Practical Hacks Every Parent Needs to Know).

Wrap Up:

Being a mom can be scary and it definitely scars the sh*t out of me to see my little one grow up so fast. But we can’t stop them and especially it would be selfish of us to keep them all to ourselves.

Let us share the magic that they are with this beautiful world and let us help our kids to discover who they are this monsoon season by not keeping them behind the doors.

Happy Monsoon everyone!

Piyu Ailani
Hi, I am Piyu Ailani. A SAHM from Ahmedabad, India. Married since 4 years. Mommy to the bundle of naughty acts, whom we proudly named Yuvaan! Just a small way to connect with all the new moms like me.

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