Postpartum Depression: Symptoms, Causes and Everything You Need to Know

postpartum depression

A woman’s body goes through innumerable changes during and after pregnancy.

Hormonal changes and all the atmospheric changes around the new mom makes it difficult to handle the situations.

Once you give birth, you are also reborn as a mother. Hence everything is completely new to you. You are completely unaware of the phase you have entered and the situations that are waiting for you ahead.

Situations like lack of sleep, change inside of you and around you, breastfeeding, physical changes, your relationships, your eating habits, etc.

A study says 1 out of 7 new moms goes through postpartum depression.

Postpartum depression is similar to depression at any other time. This can start anytime in the first year after you give birth. Most likely symptoms show up in the first 3 weeks of the birth.

Possible Symptoms of Postpartum Depression:

  • Feeling Sad
  • Feeling unconnected
  • Feeling hopeless
  • Feeling guilty
  • Not feeling like to bond with newborn
  • Not feeling like to look after newborn
  • Loss of energy
  • Lack of interest
  • Anxiety
  • Sleep issues
  • Feeling afraid to be left alone with the baby
  • Developing negative feelings
  • Getting attracted towards negativity
  • Irritability, etc

Causes of Postpartum Depression:

Exact causes of postpartum depression are unknown yet. But as the thumb-rule of pregnancy says “Blame it on hormones”.

Hormonal changes during and after pregnancy take a toll on a woman’s mood and mind.

During this phase, a woman can respond to the silliest thing as if it was a huge issue or she can ignore the biggest thing like a pro.

Other possible causes of postpartum depression can be:

  • No time for one own self.
  • Comparing before and after pregnancy days
  • Loads of new responsibilities added.
  • Lack of sleep
  • Mom Guilt
  • Loss of something or someone special in recent time.
  • Poor relationship with the partner
  • Family situations are not supporting.
  • Financial and social problems.
  • Lack of moral and emotional support.

Measures that can be taken for Postpartum Depression:

  • Talk to other moms.
  • Join support groups
  • Do Not shy away to talk about what you feel. Talk to anyone and share your feelings whom you think can be helpful.
  • Ask for help wherever needed. Be it baby chores or emotional or mental support.
  • Talk to your partner. Ask him to be equally involved.
  • Visit friends, go for outings.
  • Spend some time doing things that make you happy.
  • Don’t shy from taking an expert advice or medication if required.
  • Treatment includes talk therapy, medicines or both.

Family and partner’s constant support can reduce the seriousness of the depression.

If not treated, postpartum depression can last for a really long. Complications can also lead it to the major depression.

When to seek medical help in case of Postpartum depression:

  • When symptoms get intense.
  • When you start thinking about harming your baby or yourself.
  • When you start getting unrealistic thoughts.
  • When you aren’t able to concentrate on anything.

Wrap up:

Family and social support play a really important role in every woman’s life.

If you see any symptoms of depression, kindly take it seriously.

Include fun things in your chores and surround yourself with people who care.

This would keep you calm, composed and relaxed.

If you have any symptoms I mentioned above & you need someone to talk to then remember we all are here for you. You can leave your experience in the comment section & we can connect further because at the end of the day we moms understand each other the best.

Piyu Ailani
Hi, I am Piyu Ailani. A SAHM from Ahmedabad, India. Married since 4 years. Mommy to the bundle of naughty acts, whom we proudly named Yuvaan! Just a small way to connect with all the new moms like me.

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