Personal Journal Entry No. 2: A Conversation between Baby Y & Messy Mom

personal journal entry

Off lately as baby Y has started speaking a lot. I have found certain things to which he responds too instantly and certain things that he avoids to answer.

I then realized that I somehow need to make our conversations interesting and change the way I question him and talk to him in such an appealing way that he gets attracted to it.

Like when I go to pick him up from playschool, he runs and comes towards me and as soon as I ask him how was your day. He gives me those blank looks and says “kheli kheli kiya.”

And the conversation ends there.

I twisted the things then.

I started by addressing him. And asking a few questions that made these conversations interesting.

Mommie: What did you start your day with?

Baby Y: we all chanted OMMMM…

Mommie: That’s so amazing, I don’t go to school, hence I don’t know how to do that, can you please teach that to me?

Baby Y: Okay Mumma. First, stand up.

Mommie: Ok! (Stands up)

Baby Y: (holds my hands and teaches me to join hands) Aise hands join karo.

Mommie: oh, okay. Thanks for telling me.

Baby Y: okay. Ab eyes close karo aur doo doo saath bolo. OMMMM (Mind you, he was keeping a watch on me if I do open my eyes or not)

Mommie: Ohh wow. That feels so good. What did you do after On?

Baby Y: Ma’am told us a fish story.

Mommie: Your mam is so nice. She told you a new story.

Baby Y: haaaannn. Doo doo ko mazza aaya.

Mommie: Fir kya kiya aapne?

Baby Y: Fish me finger se color kiya. Blue and yellow color. Mazza aaya.

Mommie: How good that fish would be looking, right?

Baby Y: Yes, Mumma. Bahot cute cute. Ma’am ne star diya. See!

Mommie: So good. Then what did you do?

Baby Y: doo doo bahot bukh. Tiffin me khana khaya. Yummy yummy.

Sabne kha liya. Yey yey.

Mommie: Did you finish your tiffin?

Baby Y: No No! Doo doo ka Petu full ho gaya.

Mommie: Ok. Fir kya kiya?

Baby Y: Doo Doo ne paani pi liya.

Mommie: Fir?

Baby Y: Fir Sab friends ne kheli kheli kiya aur dance bhi.

Mommie: Wow. Kaise kiya dance?

Baby Y: Inga Inga oses, poket phuldo (Ring A ring o roses) pe dancing kiya.

Mommie: so nice. Fir did you miss mumma?

Baby Y: Nai Nai. Fir toys khela aur car chalega.

Mommie: mumma missed you.

Baby Y: Doo doo idher hai, royi royi nai karo. (Hugs after saying this)

Mommie: All amazed and thinking when did my son grow up so much that I am having such long conversations with him.

He is becoming his own man. A whole person. I am just not able to believe that this miracle is happening right in front of me.

Such conversations are a boon to moms. And I have kind of grown fond of these encounters.

Share us such golden moments with your kiddos in the comment section. We would love what your small grownups have to say!

Piyu Ailani
Hi, I am Piyu Ailani. A SAHM from Ahmedabad, India. Married since 4 years. Mommy to the bundle of naughty acts, whom we proudly named Yuvaan! Just a small way to connect with all the new moms like me.

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