7 Piece of Parenting Rules to Live by if you are a New Parent

parenting rules to live by

Parenting Rules to Live by if you are a new parent

Parenting Rules to Live by Parenting sure is a really tough job that comes along with new challenges every single day. Here I present some parenting rules which I live by and which helps me get through some of the worst days as a parent. The bitter truth is no matter how hard we parents plan our parenting style, It’s not always going to work out because kids are too unpredictable. All the kids are too different and all of them react differently to different situations. No matter how many “Guides to Better Parenting” we may read, it all depends on how to respond when the situation arises.

parenting rules to live by

Parenting & Disciplining a baby is not a cake walk. We always blame it on kids for not behaving properly in public or not doing as we say them to do. More than handling kids, we as parents need to take a control of our own behavior. We need to learn how to handle our emotions and not get irritated/angry easily. I can sum this up as “Parents need to take the responsibility of development of their child, through communication, support, discipline, and connecting with them.”

So, here are the 7 rules of the rules of Parenting to Live by you need to keep in mind if you are a new parent or on the road to becoming one:

1. Confidence is our Savior

  • Confidence is the first thing that takes a toll when you become a parent.
  • Many questions regarding what kind of parent we are, how would we be raising a baby would come to your mind as a parent.
  • Self- doubting is natural, every parent does it in the beginning along with a thing called “Parent guilt”.
  • You & I sure are on a big roller coaster ride being a new and first-time parent. But the only thing that will help us through this ride is “keeping calm and believing in ourselves.”
  • Believe that we are the best parent that we are doing the best we can for our baby and family. Confidence is the key to crack the worst situations without any sane solution too.

2. Calmness is my secret weapon

  • Kids are bound to do what they want to. They don’t know what discipline is and why do we need it all the time? Sometimes I think we don’t need it at all (too much of staying with baby Y).
  • They also don’t know how they should be eating, they don’t know anything until we as parents tell them about anything.
  • So they are bound to make mistakes in this learning process and not just once, the whole process can repeat 10 times but you have to be very gentle & calm with them and the situation. Analyze the situations and then respond accordingly.
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3. Spend the Quality time with your kid

  • When we as parents spend time with them, and act their age and communicate with them in their own unique way, that makes them more comfortable around us and they start feeling secure. This helps them connect with us emotionally too.
  • They need to know that we are going to be there for them when they fall or they can come to us for anything. We need to be their friends more than parents.
  • Communication is the most important thing to have an amazing bond between us and kids. And for better communication, spend the quality time with them, play with them, participate in weird art events (these are so much fun.
  • Check out 10+ activities that you can do with your kids to spend some quality time with them) or any events for that matter.

4. Admit & Apologize

  • It’s not necessary that only kids make mistakes or should apologize everytime something happens between parents & kids.
  • As mentioned above, we as parents lose our sanity many times, and by the time we realize that we should not be shy but be considerate and admit our mistakes and apologize for the same to our kids, it can be a little late. They might be already hurt.
  • So, be aware of your actions and words and apologize when needed to your kids as they replicate this behavior in the outside world.

5. One of the Best Parenting Rules to Live By: A Positive & Friendly Environment

  • Having a clean home, providing every toy available in the market won’t make you the best parent in the world. And all these things definitely doesn’t mean you are providing a healthy & positive environment for your kid.
  • Home environment plays a major part in kid’s life and this is something we as parents often ignore unknowingly.
  • We argue, talk to people rudely, ignore certain things and what not (being unaware that our kid is watching and taking a mental note of everything we are doing.) Be aware that your kid is watching everything you do and say and those are the things they absorb & grow.
  • If they are kept in a toxic environment with fights happening all the time, they will grow into violent adults and when kept in an environment where every problem is resolved through talking and accepting the mistakes then they will grow into responsible & sensible adults.
  • We should always try to have a harmony between parents which kids should look up to and adore. The environment we give to our kids inside home clearly defines their behavior outside the home.

Ways you can create a positive home environment:

  • Communicate with them. Don’t order or rule out the things they want to do.
  • Avoid comparison at all cost. If you will compare them, they will always lack self-love.
  • Celebrate their small victories and promote their individuality.

(Let us know in the comment section if you want us to write a detailed blog about “How to maintain a Positive Home Environment.”)

6. Give them the Freedom

  • Kids are never going to worry about the outcomes, consequences, and the effects of their actions because they are blessed with worry-free minds.
  • Overthinking & over analyzing is a thing for adults & not kids. So, make sure you are not teaching your kids to over analyze in some situations or over think about their actions.
  • Let them decide what’s good for them and what they want instead of telling them how things should be done.
  • When they are given complete creative freedom, that’s when the magic happens. Kids are said to be born scientists. Let them use their own power of creation & brains. Let them learn, explore the unexplored, and see the world through their eyes.
  • Giving them this level of freedom makes them good-decision maker in the future, headstrong, risk taker and adds a flamboyant personality to their character.

7. Never Punish, Only Discipline

  • Never ever punish kids. This makes a very negative impact on their mind. Physically hurting and punishing them can make them turn against you and it builds a cynical image of their parents in their minds. We as parents won’t ever be able to connect the way we should with our children if we keep on punishing them for trying out new things or being just the way they are.
  • Kids always need the positive environment and it’s our job to provide them one.
  • Instead of punishing them for something they broke or when they disrespect someone try asking them for the reasons they lead to their behavior. Make sure you understand, validate and empathize with your child’s feelings which will help them process their feelings in a better way the next time around.
  • By doing so, you are not only connecting with them emotionally but also building a life-long relationship of understanding & sharing. The kind of relationship needs to have with your children.

Wrap Up:

There is only one line I want to conclude this blog: “We as parents are doing the best and if you read this blog it means you are trying to do better than the best.”

Piyu Ailani
Hi, I am Piyu Ailani. A SAHM from Ahmedabad, India. Married since 4 years. Mommy to the bundle of naughty acts, whom we proudly named Yuvaan! Just a small way to connect with all the new moms like me.

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