How to Rock Your Pregnancy: Mommying 101

how to rock your pregnancy

Feeling a life growing inside of me was an out of this world feeling. That emotion can’t be described in words but I have tried to do so in my blog titled How to Rock Your Pregnancy in the hopes to give strength to the soon-to-be and young mothers.

I got to know how it feels to be the reason behind an everyday miracle in front of my eyes.

But it’s not all fun and games, during pregnancy, your body and mind undergo so many changes and don’t even get me started on the mood swings!

Nevertheless, all of this will only feel natural. So, if you are a soon-to-be mother feeling overwhelmed by the change, my only advice is to take it all in and try to feel every moment of it because you are a part of a miracle who will soon be in your hands.

And according to me, this is the most beautiful period of a woman’s life. That extra pampering that myself and hubby showered upon me was something I swear by. (I took advantages of it so many times *wink* *wink*).

I got so much love, advises, care, and your skin game is on another level. And it’s completely up to us on how we want to experience this pregnancy journey. With so many changes happening, physical & biological, some might get irritated from time to time but overall it’s going to be the happiest journey of your lifetime. So, embrace as much of it as you can.

What I would advise the best thing one can do is to keep themselves happy and energetic. As your emotional well being is directly connected to baby’s overall development and health.

I understand that being pregnant isn’t easy and just saying the words “keep yourself happy & energetic” isn’t going to cut it.

Every little thing can irritate you. You would want to be isolated. But we can surely try to keep a happy and healthy pregnancy. A little extra effort can make major differences in your & baby’s life.

As it’s said, “Happiness lies within oneself!”

Now that I am done with pieces of advice, let’s move on to the challenges part of my journey. If you have anything or any part of your journey that you think is worth sharing then please head over to our comment section to leave your experience. We would love to hear our readers participate in this conversation.

I had loads of challenges during my pregnancy to deal with starting from pukey mornings which made me irritated for weeks and also unbearable mood swings. And I was a person who always wanted to be isolated during pregnancy. I just wanted it to be me, food and books in the room. 😂

And in some ways that helped me keep happy and healthy and might also help you. You don’t have to adopt someone else’s happy routine. Do what makes you happy even if it’s being isolated in your room with favorite book or movies.

That’s enough jibber-jabber let’s get to the point and share my pointers on How to rock your pregnancy.

Ways on how to rock your pregnancy by keeping yourself happy and healthy during the most exciting times of your life:

1. Educate yourself:

  • I firmly believe that attending a childbirth class helped me to keep my pregnancy smooth and kept me prepared for almost any situation that is possible. So invest your time, effort and money in one to boost yourself up.

how to rock your pregnancy

2. Take all Supplements:

  • Even though I hated taking them, I made sure that I am taking all the supplements on time and as per doctor’s suggestions. That always kept me spirited and made me feel a bit energized.

3. Exercise:

  • This was the best decision I took in my pregnancy. Although I had many questions about it, I decided to go with my gut feeling and it didn’t let me down. Keeping myself active in exercises kept me and baby Y happy & healthy.

how to rock your pregnancy

4. Change the roles and responsibilities:

  • You should strictly not do certain things like lifting heavy things, moping, using chemicals, standing for long time etc during pregnancy, and I made sure that I take care of all these things. Household chores can wait, baby’s development and health can’t!!

5. Shopping:

  • One of many things that kept me sane during my pregnancy! I shopped a lot of maternity wear. Things for baby Y’s welcome. And this thing instantly lifted my mood up. So, splurge your way into pregnancy.

how to rock your pregnancy

6. Eating habits:

  • I am a junk food lover. But I changed my diet completely during pregnancy. Not that I didn’t eat junk, but I opted for a bit better options so technically I made sure that everything that goes inside my stomach is right for baby Y. It’s very important to eat something every two hours.

7. Keep doctor’s number handy:

  • Be it a small or major issue. I made sure to consult my doctor even for the tiniest of doubt I had and this kept me reassured and boosted my confidence up.
  • It’s extremely important that you feel confident in what you are doing during your pregnancy because sometimes your trust in yourself can take a toll which can result in mental breakdown sometimes.
  • So, call your doctor away and feel free to ask anything. There are no stupid questions when it comes to pregnancy.

8. Music:

  • Music was my therapist! I used to listen to music when I was sad, happy, irritated! In short, music was my rescue.

9. Writing:

  • I made sure to write each and every day to baby Y. So that when he grows up, he knows what was Mommy feeling when he was on his way to this world! This gave me an immense pleasure.

how to rock your pregnancy

10. Take advantage of the situation:

  • This is a confession rather. I was the one who did this the most. What I mean is who doesn’t like pampering and love.  And I made sure to take the advantages of situations whenever and wherever possible! Be it with my husband, my parents, my in-laws, and even my little sister.

11. Experiment with your looks:

  • Why not again take the advantage of that pregnancy glow and amazing bouncy and shiny hair. I Experimented with my looks and hairdos a lot. And that always made me feel so beautiful and at peace.

12. Enjoy the overactive senses:

  • When I was pregnant, my sense of smell and hearing started heightened 3 times more than usual. So, I enjoyed that smell of delicious food coming my way and people whispering in my ears were too loud and clear to me which felt like a boon and I enjoyed every bit of it!

13. Behave like a queen:

  • Buying a body pillow for that extra comfort, throwing and ignoring that to do list and not giving a damn about anyone and taking naps whenever and wherever possible. Get dressed and feel amazing in that body. Yes, This was me during pregnancy.

14. Involve your partner:

  • I made sure my hubby is equally involved in our pregnancy. He used to come along with me to all my doctor’s appointments, came with me for exercise sessions, attending all workshops. Talking to baby Y, giving music therapy to baby Y. Yes, he actually did all this. And this feeling is out of this world. This was very clear there and then how amazing dad he is gonna be. And he sure is ❤

how to rock your pregnancy

15. When nothing else works, blame it on hormones:

  • This is a go-to thing for preggos, and so was it for me. Sometimes it was so hard to be happy, no matter how hard I tried. But it’s perfectly okay to be like that at times.

how to rock your pregnancy

16. Stay away from negative people:

  • I made sure to be away from negative people and negativity. Be it in any form. That helped keep me sane. I had no time to cause a burden to my mind and heart by indulging in extra stress and negativity.

Wrap Up:

This was my way of rocking my pregnancy! I hope these tips & ways help you feel better about your journey or helps you in your current phase.

And we would love to know some other ways or YOUR ways of rocking your pregnancy. Leave your ways in the comment & If we get a handful of such personalized ways of rocking your pregnancy then we can make a different blog post mentioning your name along.

Looking forward to your comments & stories.

Piyu Ailani
Hi, I am Piyu Ailani. A SAHM from Ahmedabad, India. Married since 4 years. Mommy to the bundle of naughty acts, whom we proudly named Yuvaan! Just a small way to connect with all the new moms like me.

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