A Famous Guide for Stay at Home Moms: How to Explore the Unexplored

stay at home mom

Importance of Being Stay at Home Moms

Being a stay at home moms and spending all the possible time with baby Y is the best gift I have ever got.

Nevertheless, it’s really easy to go insane and mad after some time. And I believe that instead of just falling in this I would rather use some tips and tricks to keep myself sane and they have worked wonders on me. This article will help you to be successful stay at home moms.

So, here is a quick guide to being stay at home moms:

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1. Be easy on yourself to be Stay at Home Mom

  • No one knows how to be a super mom, but we all moms end up being super amazing moms to our kiddos. Parenting does not come with instructions & manual, you get to learn from your mistakes!
  • You are bound to feel unsure and have mom guilt for every next thing. But take it easy Mommy. Your kid would always love you for being and doing the best you could.

2. Get out of the home every day

Stay at Home Moms

  • Yes, that keeps you sane. Be it for a walk or a drive or anything. But do step out of your home every single day and notice the difference. Inhale that fresh air and you would love it.

3. Enjoy your hobbies

  • Baby keeps you on toes and I can feel you completely when you say that it’s too difficult to manage. But when kids nap or whenever you get some alone time, do spend that on your hobbies and trust me you are going to feel rejuvenated.
  • Find an activity that brings you joy and happiness and then dedicate your alone time to just that activity.

4. Cheat a couple of time

stay at home mom stay at home mom

  • Let the baby be under someone else’s guidance and head out for a date with your hubby. Or go along with your baby if you can. Trust me that works wonders.
  • We all miss the pre-baby days. But sure we can have some moments for ourselves after baby too.
  • And don’t come with your mom guilt if you do that.
    You are doing it for yourself and your partner, nothing wrong in it.

5. Understand it’s ok not to be perfect

  • It’s ok not to be a perfect mom. In fact, there should be nothing like this in your head. It’s ok to be messy, it’s ok to make mistakes, it’s ok to leave your baby for some time, it’s ok if you feel bad at times.
  • Take it easy Mommie.
  • How you handle the mistakes will define what kind of mother you are… so don’t give up on that.

6. Be a positive Stay at Home Mom

  • The most important factor to keep sane is to keep positive. Kids need to be loved the right way and that right way should be a positive way.
  • Don’t let negative comments harass you. Love your own self and you can shower that same love and positivity to your kid.

7. Don’t compare

  • We moms or our surroundings sometimes corner us into comparing our kids and our parenting methods which leads us to a very negative environment and us moms end up questioning our own self. Don’t do that. Ever!

8. Get dressed up

stay at home mom

  • Staying at home doesn’t mean you need to be in your PJs all day long. Go get in the shower, get ready, and look your best and see how positive and energetic you feel.
  • This may sound a little crazy to you but I would just say one thing… “try it to believe it”

9. Be prepared for everything

  • If you are always prepared for all damages then you are totally rocking it. Because if you are prepared for the worst and something silly damage happened then you would smile and say, it’s ok bachha.
  • By prepared I mean.. be prepared for clumsy days, for dirty dishes, for all mess, for sudden plans to hit play centers, for tantrums, for waves of laughter, for hugs and cuddles and for what not!

10. Give daddy some we time with the baby

stay at home mom stay at home momstay at home mom

  • I swear by this one. Like literally I do.
  • I make sure baby Y and #papabear spend good time together every day so that they can bond the way I and baby Y are bonding.
  • Do that ladies and see the difference in the bonding. The bonus is you get some Me time.
  • Be at ease and leisure.

11. Let the kids play independently

stay at home mom

  • Being at home doesn’t mean that you need to linger around and be with your kid all the time. Let them play independently.
  • It’s important for them to be independent for their skills to develop. I never mean that don’t even keep an eye.
  • Keep an eye constantly but also let them be free to explore and learn things while they play.

12. Say No to No

  • Stop saying no to kids for every single thing in the fear of things getting messy or them getting hurt or dirty.
  • Bruised knees would heal but the impact would be with them for the lifetime.

Final Word: 

The information above are statistics and benefits of a stay at home mom to child

Stop questioning and feeling bad about your parenting. It’s ok to feel this way but don’t let these thoughts eat you up. There are no reasons not to be a stay at home mom.

Tough times don’t last forever, neither do good times. So stay positive and enjoy this time as much as you can because your little one is not gonna be this little anytime after this.

Your house can be messy at times, it’s OK
If you order food because you could not prepare a meal sometimes, it’s OK.
Laundry is piled up, it’s OK.
Dishes aren’t done, it’s OK.
You aren’t sane, it’s NOT OK.
Your kid isn’t happy, it’s NOT OK.

So, don’t focus on being a perfect mom, or having a picture perfect family.

The goal is to have a happy family. A sane family. Find perfection in your imperfections.

Love yourself and love your family that’s enough to be a good mom and wife.

Share your thoughts at being a stay at home mom in the comment section below. Let us know how you are being an awesome stay at home mom.

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