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ways to bond with your baby

Importance of Mother Infant Bonding

To me it was a challenge to bond with a newborn. Bonding with Baby Y means so much more than just a word or a feeling. And today I will share some of my experience and ways of baby bonding.

If the bond between a mom and the baby is strong that makes a huge difference in the baby’s personality.

A strong bond with the baby can stimulate different senses and develop their confidence and they will be able to understand their environment better.

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The upbringing of babies through love and affection can lead to their success in many aspects of life.

The myth that the bonding can be grown only in the first year of a baby’s life isn’t right. A parent can bond with baby at any given point of life. Bonding plays a very vital role in their life.

We all live a busy and hectic life, but making sure to give some time during this hectic schedule to your kid is a necessity according to me and I make sure that I spend some quality time with my baby.

During all this quality time, I have made an unbreakable bond between me and baby Y and today, I will share my experience and secrets of mother baby with bonding theory:


ways to bond with your baby

  • I never ever miss a single chance to cuddle him up. To hug him right to kiss him, to say him that I love him. And trust me when I do this… his face brightens up like anything. He gives a wide smile (and that melts me).

DIY activities – One of the best ways to bond with your baby:

ways to bond with your baby

  • It’s not about activities actually. It is a lot more than that. I get to engage him in something where he learns and enjoys at the same time also I am equally involved with him.
  • An additional benefit is they get a confidence boost when they see what they made.
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Read to Your Baby:

  • I make sure to read to baby Y whenever possible. This helps in increasing their language and reading skills. I also make sure to make him understand about expressions, senses and every little thing and details about life through fun story ways.


  • This is a therapy I should mention because it improves the mom and baby bonding overall. Not only this helps me to calm him down whenever he is cranky or irritated but also helps me to engage and make him learn so so many things.


ways to bond with your baby

  • I make sure to go to some play areas or gardens with baby Y at least 3-4 days a week. It helps them grow physically but also gives him a confidence boost. Exposes him to nature hence improves immunity also lets me bond with him so well.

Cooking with your baby:

  • I don’t mean literal cooking here but I try and involve baby Y with me when I am cooking. He has learned about all fruits, vegetables, and grains being with me in the kitchen. Involving him in the meal preparation helps in family bonding and stimulates their senses too.

Talking to your baby:

ways to bond with your baby

  • This is the most important way to connect with your baby. I talk to him about everything since my pregnancy days. And now he has started responding too. When I talk I feel so comfortable and connected to him. He at times feels like a big man and reacts the same way. I love that to the core.
  • Also, when they talk and we listens or vise versa children bonding gets stronger because every other thing is aside and the senses are focused on each other.

Breastfeeding – Best Way to Bond with Your Baby:

  • I always wanted to feed my baby till 2 years minimum, it makes it comfortable bonding with your newborn. After all the difficulties and judgments I was successful in mother newborn bonding. But that’s the best way to bond with baby. When he is nursing, he listens to my heartbeat, is having a skin to skin contact, smells me, hugs me and that makes a strong bond.
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Go on Dates with Your Baby:

  • Yes, I go on mom-son dates with baby Y, this aids the parent infant bond. I take him out for movies, lunch or dinner dates, zoo, play areas etc. That helps us spend some good quality time away from a regular atmosphere and he feels amazing about it. That also helps me keep sane.

Let it be a bit messy:

ways to bond with your baby

  • I believe I have two choices: either a clean and tidy home or cuddles and quality time with baby Y. I choose the second option every single time. (#papabear I feel your pain, but request you to feel my love here)

Wrap Up:

  • All the above mentioned activities help develop the bond between mother and child psychology and the mother child bond
  • Bond the best way with your babies using some of the techniques I mentioned and also leave your stories of bonding with your babies in the comment section.
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