BabyWearing 101: Why Every New Parent Need to Have This!


BabyWearing: Better late than regretting!

This blog post is really a confession.

A confession about how I procrastinated buying babywearing essentials because I wasn’t aware of the benefits babywearing had to offer.

I was completely unaware of these factors until I came across a few mom bloggers who told me about it.

They made me understand how babywearing has made their life easier and better in every way possible.

Though baby Y is 23 months old already. I wanted to leave no tables unturned. So I thought it’s better to at least try and see if he accepts babywearing.

To my surprise, even at this age, he totally loved it. He constantly said that Doo doo (baby Y) has become a monkey.

And since then he has enjoyed going on walks, his playtimes in the park and our family time together.


I got my hands on Anmol baby carrier which is definitely an amazing pick for me and baby Y.

Anmol baby carrier is a homegrown startup by a mother who failed to find a comfortable ergonomic carrier for her son. So, she decided to make one for herself and after getting so much appreciation from other moms, she turned this into her own little startup named “Anmol baby carriers”.

It’s the first brand in India to make ergonomic carriers with International safety standards.

What made me select Anmol Baby Carrier‘s BabyWearing for baby Y?

The answer to this is that this is designed and made by a mother herself for her son. So, I did not need any other reason to select her product. Because a mother would always give her best to her baby.

Benefits of Using BabyWearing:

  • Happier babies due to reduced colic and acid reflux
  • Better immunity
  • Reduced stress levels
  • Thermal regulations
  • Promotes lactation
  • Reduces postpartum depression
  • Triggers oxytocin
  • Babies nap better
  • Helps to multitask and socialize
  • Helps in bonding with baby
  • Enhances visual and auditory alertness
  • Promotes vestibular and speech development
  • Allows mothers to get back to an active lifestyle
  • Don’t miss on babywearing workouts
  • Easier and safer than a stroller
  • Helps physical and mental development
  • Babies who are carried often cry less
  • Boosts confidence in babies

See how happy we look together with BabyWearing:


But how to choose a good BabyWearing for your baby? A carrier should be as comfortable as your lap for your baby.

Always look for following things while selecting a babywearing:

  • BabyWearing’s Fabric: 

    • The first thing that should matter is what material is used in making the of the carrier. Try and look for non-toxic dyes and organic ones as the baby might chew it. Baby is going to spend a good amount of time in that along with you. So, Select wisely.
    • Make sure to select the babywearing with a breathable fabric that allows the air to reach to the baby. Otherwise, the baby would refuse to be carried or if carried for a longer time in such a carrier it can lead to rashes and other skin issues for baby.
  • Back Support:

    • The carrier should be firm enough to give a good backrest to the baby. It should be supportive enough that when the baby is asleep, the baby’s body is tightly secured.
  • Shoulder Support

    • While selecting a carrier, look for a good and broad shoulder support for your own comfort. A good shoulder support shall give you a good support to your back.
  • Durability:

    • Most carriers outgrow by the time baby is 6-9 months old. Select a carrier that can be used for a longer time and invest in quality.
  • Adjustable:

    • Select a carrier that’s easily adjustable as per your and baby’s needs. This would allow multiple people to use it and would be comfortable for all. Let the baby bond with everyone in the family.

Wrap Up:

Babywearing can be started for a newborn too. Mostly beneficial for the skin to skin/kangaroo care in the initial 6 weeks of birth.

Wear your baby for as long as you can. I made a mistake by not doing so but learned from it. We started late but I am sure I won’t regret not letting my baby be away from this amazing feeling.

Let me know in the comment section if I missed out anything here. Would love to hear everyone’s experience with babywearing. Leave your experience in the comment section.

Piyu Ailani
Hi, I am Piyu Ailani. A SAHM from Ahmedabad, India. Married since 4 years. Mommy to the bundle of naughty acts, whom we proudly named Yuvaan! Just a small way to connect with all the new moms like me.

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    July 26, 2018

    Good read Piyu. Baby carriers are a bliss and carrying our baby is blissful


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