30+ Fascinating & Effective Art Activities for Kids

As a mom you are responsible for what your child learns till the age of 10-12 and then they choose their own paths & activities.

But in the childhood, it is our responsibility to introduce activities & things that matter & will add value to their character.

And personally, I think Arts and crafts activity is the most important activity to develop gross and motor skills in kids.

The earlier they are introduced to art, the better it’s for them. Art is considered as the brain food. It helps the brain grow artistically and increases individual confidence.

Being exposed to art not only develops their brain but also establishes their creative problem-solving skills and concentration. Click To Tweet

We attended a Messy Art event organized by “Bageecha – The Outdoors” & “Kidsville – one world many stories” where Baby Y & I enjoyed to our core.

Read the in detailed versions of art activities which you can easily do at home.

  • Types of art activities for toddlers:
    •  Toddler sensory activities
    • Messy activities
    • Art and craft
    • Free play
    • Exploring activities
    • Other miscellaneous activities

There are sub-categories to these activities out of which we enjoyed some at the event and others Baby Y & I enjoy at our home.

Let’s learn the benefits of these art activities in detail.

Toddler sensory activities:

Toddler sensory activities are all about their exploring this world through different senses.

Let them explore things and develop their own senses i.e. Let them touch,  see, feel, taste and understand the things through various activities.

And listed below are some wonderful ways that you can help them to learn and understand about things around them:

  • Make different kinds of sensory bags and let them feel & understand the elements of the bag. Here is an example of a squishy sensory bag:

  • You can reuse old socks to make sensory bags filled with different textured things which helps them understand the constitution of diverse things.

  • You can also use your walls and make a small textured wall. Stick all the things of different textures on a paper and stick where it’s easily accessible to kids.

  • Boil and cool some noodles down for them and let them touch, see and taste it.

Messy activities:

Let them mess around and learn with that mess. Let them spill their food and eat it from the floor, let them get dirty in the mud. Because they are actually living their life carefree.

Messy art surely tickles all the senses of the baby. Click To Tweet

It being fun in itself gives a chance to babies to understand the world in a delightful and fun way.

This kind of art develops social, emotional and multi-sensory skills of the kids.

Self-directed learning would be with them for a longer time than that of spoonfed learning.

Some fun messy activities you can do at home if you are not worried about the clutter & chaos:

  1. Finger painting
  2. Water play
  3. Mud play
  4. Walking in the grass without footwear
  5. Foam painting
  6. Ice paint
  7. Spray painting
  8. Feet and hand painting
(Foam Painting)
(Feet Painting)


(Mud Play)

Art and craft:

Getting creative with a toddler is fun beyond the actual word.

Give them some creative things like paint, sketch colors, stickers, etc and wait for the magic to happen.

But be careful that they don’t put them in their mouths.

Some art and craft activities to do this summer:

  1. Colouring
  2. Random paper sticking
  3. Pipe cleaner activities
  4. Roller paints
  5. Stamp painting
  6. Fun with stickers
  7. Spray paint art
(Stamp Painting with Veggies)

Free play:

Best and simple way is to set them free and let them do whatever they want to.

Let them see the things around them and learn from their exploration missions.

Best way to do is to leave them in the kitchen (only if you are not too adamant about your kitchen being shine clean)  and leave them there for some time.

P.S. This is to be strictly done under the proper supervision. You don’t want to run to ER in the middle of the day with something stuck in your toddler’s nose.

(Find your toy)

Exploring activities:

Simplest of all the activities for a toddler.

Any material in their raw forms all by itself. Let them learn and explore how to use them & what to do with them. You will be astonished to the see such creative ways of using such old things.

Some things you can offer them are:

  1. Empty big box with a crayon or pen
  2. Pom poms with a bottle or different baskets
  3. Ribbons and bottles
  4. Pipe cleaners and straw cut in pieces
  5. Corn Kernels and pom poms mixed. Let them separate them
  6. Empty Jars
  7. Water
  8. Flashlight
  9. Old magazines or newspaper. They can rip them off and do whatever they want to.
(Pipe cleaners and straw cut in pieces)
(Corn Kernel Activity)
(Paper Noodle Hunt)

Other miscellaneous activities:

Create some new games out of your household things. I have created so many that I have lost the track.

You can set the rules or not but they will have fun anyways.

And if you want to teach them something you can turn it into a game for them and in a fun way they will learn the lesson as well.

Here are the few games that Baby Y & I have tried & loved:

  1. Balloon badminton
  2. Can be any hunting game around the home
  3. Use old tees to make roads in them and let them learn how to walk on that road
  4. Let them learn how to help you with household by making them a part of it
  5. Use kneaded flour instead of play dough which contains chemicals
  6. Hide some toys in paper trashes or paper noodles and let them find their toys.
  7. Let them stack up kitchen utensils.

With these outdoor & indoor activities, your summer is sorted. So is ours.

Here is one of the best snapshots of Baby Y doing spray paint from today’s activity:

Which activities mentioned above you loved the best? And which activities we missed that you think should be added to the blog?

Comment below with your views. We would love to add more activities to this stack.


Piyu Ailani
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    It is really really nice.. don’t have words to express feelings on this..
    Proud to see u to work like this..
    God bless u both 🙂

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    Hrishma Rao
    May 26, 2018

    Your blog is gonna be an inspiration to all those mom’s, who wanna take motherhood to an altogether different level. One thing which I personally feel, is that we’re being too pushy for our kids, as if we completely owned them, have huge, huge expectations from them, which backfires. We need to understand they’re souls, they’ve their paths to tread on, we’re just there to guide them choose their path. Kudos, you’re a doing a lovely job as a mom.

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      This means so much to me. So motivating I tell you. I can feel this harsh reality.

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    I would say I loved exploring activities as let the child explore and create the own imagination

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      Thanks dear 😊

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    got some art techniques ideas though..


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