A Heartfelt Open Letter to all the Parents out there!

open letter

Open letter to all parents here who want time to slow down coz their kids are growing up too fast!

I often hug baby Y tight and whisper in his ears “Stop growing up so fast my baby!”

I feel like pausing and holding in that moment of joy and enjoy that with my kid, as right now is the smallest he can be 🙂

I often wish to freeze the moments and ask them to last forever and just by the thought that my kid would be older in some time brings tears out of my eyes and I start shivering just by the thought of it!! (Coz every time I see him hopping around, my mind reminds me how small he was when I first held him and I can’t believe he is this big today and he would be bigger in the blink of an eye!)

But I also know parenting isn’t as blissful and all roses every day.. it comes with all the hardships also!
Some days our exhaustion breaks all of our patience we have and the other days we can’t just take the noise and mess all around!
Many times we don’t understand how to make them understand what’s right and what’s not right for them! Sometime we don’t understand how to comfort them and sometimes it’s just a bad day or a bad week or a bad month may be.

Sometimes we start doubting our own capabilities and we feel whatever we are doing is not just right or good enough for our kids!
Sometimes we may feel that we are wasting away these precious moments and sometimes we feel that parenting days would be over even before we can figure out what happened!

But the truth is that happiness lies in small and minute things!
I don’t mean to say that hardships aren’t hard enough..but I am sure that once these kids are grown up and we look back.. we would just remember all their happy and amazing moments and these hardships and these insecurities won’t be even around anywhere!!

Isn’t it true that our entire world just curls up when our kid is laughing his heart out Infront of us. At such moments we feel.. what ever we are doing or whatever hardships we are going through.. this laughter is what feels we are home 🙂

Then there are days when your kids are too good to you and you can’t stop staring at them and think “why am i in so much love with this little being? And why is the time passing by so quickly?” All you need is a comfort hug from your kid!

All the firsts or all the milestones of our kids that we cherish and preserve in our cameras or phones are the only memories that we can show them..
Sometimes all that we need is to see in the eyes of these little ones and see that trust that they have in us (parents) that we are the best for them!

These are the moments where we just wish to hold and hug our kids and whisper in their ears “stop growing up so fast my baby!”

We can’t stop time but we can definitely freeze the memories and freeze the moments!
We can record and capture all the possible moments!

My favourite way to capture it is in my notes 🙂 (pictures are secondary)
We can’t forget what we felt but we need something to recall that feeling!

We always have to remember that today they are the youngest and they will keep growing every minute and every day and with that, they will keep amazing you 🙂
And every single stage of their growing up has wonderful aspects to it!

We should always keep talking to them which would build a strong bond and. Relationship between us and kids.

I often say statements like

I trust in you!
I love you!
I am by your side!

And his face immediately lights us as he listens to them.. he feels that warmth and comfort.

So from today..

I am to write or click every single detail, look forward to the good times coming with a positive attitude! Listen to him a bit more and talk to him for a longer time. Spend some less time over phones or laptop.
One thing we would realise is that good or bad we would always be parents to our kids!
Our heart is always full of unconditional love for our kids after all the hardhips and insecurities.
After having thought so much and realising so much.. let’s keep our best parenting foot ahead and give our best to our kids!

No matter what, regardless of how fast our kids grow, they will always be OUR kids 🙂

A parent who’s a child is also growing up as fast as yours 🙂

Piyu Ailani
Hi, I am Piyu Ailani. A SAHM from Ahmedabad, India. Married since 4 years. Mommy to the bundle of naughty acts, whom we proudly named Yuvaan! Just a small way to connect with all the new moms like me.

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