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Hi! I’m Piyu Ailani mother of Baby Y. And here’s my story:

I started this journey a little sooner than planned but I swear to god on that day there couldn’t have been a happier soul on this planet or even galaxy. To feel a life breathing inside your body & to realize that you are going to be responsible for this new tiny tinnie human being coming into this world after some time is both blissful & frightening feeling. More blissful, less frightening.

I was going to be a mom & I planned on doing it in the perfect way possible. I was so adamant about keeping everything perfect, lives on track, & my baby safe & sound.

And it went on like that for quite some time.

Precisely 40 weeks.

Then came Yuvaan.

I delivered a healthy 6 pounds and 20 ounces baby, and I knew as soon as I saw him. He is going to be my life from now on & since then it has been a crazy ride of our lives.

Let’s fast forward a bit.

Remember how I wanted to a perfect & flawless mother? Well, that didn’t turn out so right. I think you guys already know that from my blog’s name.

I wanted to stay true to my mom-self & Baby Y (Yuvaan) and messy is the perfect word to describe our hair, eating habits, clothes, toys, rooms, teeth, shoes, feet. Every THING! You name it & it’s messy.

And motherhood, if described in one word, is Messy! Heart-warming & god-send gift but it is hands down messy. It is a LITERAL cakewalk (which happens 3-4 times a month in our home.)

But I have never been so happy, grateful & fulfilled in my entire life. We have been blessed with such a charismatic, enthusiastic & fun-loving child that we could never ask for anything more.

But why choose to blog about it?

It took me a year & a half to gather the courage needed to kickstart this blog but I did it. And the only reason behind it is that I want to share!

My mom experiences (the best & the worst), healthy meal recipes, parenting hacks, my journey, my trials & tribulations & what not!

Because the only thing that keeps me going on this journey beside my love Baby Y & my family is this beautiful community of Moms & parents worldwide & their experiences.

So, I request you to follow my journey with Baby Y & my family & I hope I can write & share something that can inspire & educate at the same time about motherhood.

Are you ready for a Messy ride with Messy Mom?

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